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Self-enforced hibernation is almost over and as the summer slowly approaches I find its time to start thinking ahead to warmer climes and how to approach the months of skimpy clothes, even, possibly, probably not but maybe a ....bikini! So, I’m on a diet – well it’s a start at least and then I looked critically at myself in the long mirror the other day and was slightly taken aback by the
winter coat my body has been cultivating and thought that the time had come to go and discuss laser hair removal.

To me this sounds like a dream come true – a permanent way of removing the dreaded and certainly unwanted body hair once and for all. A few years ago, when it was first launched into the beauty industry it was really on available for the filthy rich or famous, nowadays it’s far more
accessible and I, for one, wanted my turn.

Sk:n, first launched over 20 years ago and established itself in Cheltenham 2 years ago. It can be easily found in Montpellier Walk, where the parking is easy and shopping is a pleasure. Part of a nationwide franchise, they now have 32
clinics around the country and have become known as specialists in literally everything to do with the skin, whether that be laser hair removal, teeth whitening, botox, tattoo removal and a host of cosmetic treatments. A point worth noting: this month SK:N is launching a mole check clinic where one of their resident dermatologists will
inspect the entire body for suspicious looking moles. This peace of mind comes at the bargain price of £50 plus the cost of removal and diagnosis.

After filling in a couple of forms I was taken into one of the therapy rooms where the procedure of permanent hair removal was explained to me in detail. In lay mans terms the laser picks up on a pigment in the actual hair follicle and when zapped that particular hair’s blood supply is literally killed which in turn makes it unable to grow again. My lovely nurse, Faye, explained to me that the success depends upon catching the hair at the correct stage of growth and therefore it is recommended that, for body hair, six x six weekly treatments are necessary and for the face it is reduced to four x four weekly sessions.

I was more than ready to be rid of my winter coat and lay back in anticipation....however, the team
of qualified therapists, doctors and nurses residing
at SK:N would not undertake doing the whole treatment until they had done a skin test first. This entailed shaving the hair first (interestingly the hair must be short – either cut or shaved). Having
established my skin tone the laser was set to the
correct pulse and the laser fired into action. It feels like being hit with an elastic band, totally bearable and nowhere near as painful as waxing. I have been booked to go back in four days time when they will be able to access my reaction to the test and then hopefully go for the whole shebang. I have decided, at this stage, to just do my underarms so please keep an eye on this column for the next six months when I will do an honest appraisal – and frighteningly you will be witness to before and after photographs!