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Whilst it is common place for all brides to go to extraordinary lengths to look stunningly attractive on their wedding day, grooms often overlook the importance of this attempt to look and feel great. Although men understand the benefits of more sophisticated grooming techniques it seems the run up to a wedding is treated simply as a normal period of time!

For the big day the groom has just got to be properly groomed or, for the rest of his married life, his better half will be pointing emphatically at the large framed wedding picture of you two on the shelf and explaining in great detail just how horrible you look and why.

So what can you do?

A few simple steps can be followed so the groom and his party all look sharp, feel confident and are up to the challenge of those endless photos.

Let’s start with your hair. A proper hair cut is crucial. It’s definitely time to seek a true professional as the barber who normally leaves your hair uneven, heavy and just not how you want it is not good enough for this occasion. You need your hair cut a few days before the wedding ensuring it looks sharp and be most importantly is easy for you to style on the morning. This is not the time to be trying new and adventurous styles!

A traditional wet shave is the perfect way to rid your face of that unwanted growth. You have to ask yourself if it’s worth running the risk of the shaving rash, cuts and the general soreness you normally encounter shaving. A facial is the perfect way to finish off the shave and will leave your skin in perfect condition whilst relaxing you and eliminating some of that stress at the same time. The last thing you want is your skin looking too oily, dry or littered with shaving mishaps for all those cameras. A shave and facial a few days before the wedding will leave your skin balanced and refreshed after the rigors of the build up to the wedding.

Your hands are as important as any part of your body and are something that is normally forgotten. The moment she places the ring on your finger is something that should be treasured forever. The thought of a hand full of chewed finger nails and dry skin will certainly not fill her with confidence at the altar. A simple manicure designed specifically for men will leave those hands in faultless condition.

The growth of the male grooming industry has opened the eyes of many men to the options available to them during the run up to their wedding. Mccaffreys can provide the perfect destination for the groom, the best man anyone else involved in the big day. The groom party will leave stress free, refreshed, impeccably groomed and most importantly ready for those photos.

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