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Jim's Mowing

A growing success crack

Since starting Jim’s Mowing in Cirencester 3 seasons ago Nic and Andy have gone from strength to strength. Based on the hugely successful service standards which Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians take for granted from any Jim’s Group franchisee.

“The beauty of the Jim’s franchise system is that we don’t pay large sums to join or a percentage of monthly turnover to the franchisor, nor are we restricted as to what we do or where we do it. As long as we provide complete customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is everything, the system is far more akin to a network of independents than is usual within a franchise structure”

You’ll see Nic and Andy’s two purpose built vehicles in and around Cheltenham and Gloucester delivering a fast, efficient and reliable service. The system provides the service level you’d expect from an owner operator but with the full reassurance of a multinational organization.

Not only have they established a great group of specialist contractors enabling them to tackle fencing and gravelling jobs of any size, but they are also looking to take on another one or two pairs of hands to help with the regular maintenance work.

Interestingly, the regular business falls into two categories. The first is the traditional work for people who don’t have don’t have the tools or strength to do the work. The second is the 21st Century customer who doesn’t have the time or inclination but wants a reliable regular service.

“Typically, with this latter client, all dialogue, account invoicing and settlement is done via email and bank transfer with no visual or paper contact.”

“The most exciting new development about Jim’s Mowing is our new affiliation with Headland Amenity Products which now means we can provide the best possible treatments for all sorts of lawns at very reasonable prices.”

The Level of work that Nic and others in Bristol, Swindon, Stroud and Bath are achieving is testament to how well the system works for themselves and the end consumer. The entry price and monthly costs are far outweighed by the group benefits this franchise system offers.

Should you be interested in a free no obligation quotation for any garden work and / or know someone who might be interested in becoming a “Jim” (There are franchisees available throughout the U.K. especially in towns and cities where there is already a brand awareness) then please contact us.

Also of interest is the recent arrival in the UK of the Jim’s Cleaning Division which obviously completments the services provided by Jim’s Mowing.

For further informstion please contact Nic Wade on: 01285 860 373 or 0845 555 60 60 or visit