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Regent Arcade

Remembering the heart of Cheltenham. crack

The Regent Arcade is celebrating a very special birthday this year and is asking Cheltenham to join in and celebrate with them.

25 years ago Her Royal Highness Princess Anne officially opened Cheltenham’s premier retail centre in front of crowds of thousands, and now a quarter of a century later, the arcade is gearing up to celebrate their 25th birthday with a host of charity events, exhibitions and competitions.

Cast your mind back to May 1985, what were you doing then? Were you still at school? Were you a young parent? Just starting work?

A lot has happened in 25 years, and to help us all remember just how much has changed, the Regent Arcade is planning an exhibition of 80’s memorabilia, to remind us all of those heady days when Wham were singing ‘I’m Your Man’ and fingerless gloves were all the rage. But they need your help.

Can you help?

Do you have any items from the 80’s you could loan to the Arcade to feature in the exhibition? Clothing, kitchen wear, TV’s, electrical items, books, photos, magazines or toys? A Sinclair C-5 lying around in your garage? Transformers were big in toys this year as was everything Star Wars and of course it was also the year of Live Aid, do you have one of the original T-shirts? If you do please contact the management team: 01242 521345. All items will be returned after the exhibition.


Personal memories of the Arcade over the past 25 years are also needed. Did you bring your baby to look at the Wishing Fish Clock? Did you buy your engagement ring in the Arcade? Share the touching and funny things that have made the Arcade special for you. You can email them to or drop them in at the management office, on the first floor near Ellis & Killpartrick. These memories will feature in the exhibition and also in a special edition 1985 newspaper that will be sold in aid of charity.

Your 25

Finally the Arcade would like to identify individuals from Cheltenham who are also celebrating a special 25 this year. Is it your 25th birthday, wedding anniversary or did you too start your business 25 years ago? If so they would like to hear from you, so you can feature in the celebrations as well.


Or telephone: 01242 521 345

Talk to us!

You can also leave messages for us on Facebook and Twitter, and with free wi-fi coming soon to the centre you can send us real time messages as you visit the Arcade.